Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jumping Spider - Evarcha proszynskii

Jumping spiders are one of my favorites. They appear to have personality and seem more curious than anything. This guy kept jumping on the end of my lens as I was trying to get these shots. I found him on one of our rose bushes.


Mom said...

This little guy is now my desktop background.I might get to like spiders yet !

Harvey Schmidt said...

My mission is to reform spider squishers :-)

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled onto this page via google images (checking out beetles) but thought i would leave the note that I ADORE jumping spiders! I recently had one living on my car for a few weeks until I finally put it in the garden before a trip to the city. They are the terriers of the arachnid world- curious, gregarious, scruffy, and sooo charming. Look them in the eyes and know the sentient nature of these delightful critters. I knew one once that even seemed to enjoy being petted. Never, never, never hurt a jumping spider. I suspect they are above us in the realms of reincarnation. ;) :::: )

tonygt19 said...

Great live photos! I think I have one of these captured in 3D at in the nature/macros gallery. I agree with the anonymous poster, these are curious creatures indeed! Their method of seeing is being intensely studied by the military.